Supercharge 5G With Converged CRAN Architecture
Cisco News, November 18th, 2022
November 18, 2022,
Volume 296, Issue 3

Communication service providers (CSPs) are being challenged to deploy 5G in dense urban and high traffic environments while trying to optimize for cost and simplify capacity expansions.

Centralized radio access network (CRAN) architectures are becoming critical as CSPs adopt mid-band and high-band spectrums to address 5G opportunities. CRAN architecture lowers capital expenditures (CapEx), simplifies operations, and enhances RAN performance with spectrum sharing technologies. CSPs need to look at their existing transport architecture to ensure that they realize these benefits by adopting CRAN.

Evolving the transport network is a first important step in adopting 5G on an existing 4G RAN network. The decision to either stay with distributed RAN (DRAN) architecture by expanding backhaul capacity or migrating to CRAN architecture with fronthaul investment is something every CSP must consider.

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