Storage Facing Trillion-Row Database Apocalypse
Blocks & Files, April 28th, 2022
May 8, 2022,
Volume 290, Issue 1

A new era of large-scale analytics and storage is opening up ahead of us. Ocient, Imply, VAST Data, and WEKA are four startups positioned to store and access data among hundreds of petabytes or trillions of database rows in seconds.

Chris Mellor writes in Blocks & Files, "They all employ massively parallel access techniques in one way or another and fundamentally use software rather than hardware to achieve their performance levels.

Update. SingleStore's database can chew through a trillion rows/second using 448 Xeon Platinum 8180 Skylake cores, 28 per server, as its blog describes. The data was stored on SSDs, though that wasn't really significant since the queries were run warm-start, so the data was already cached in memory. The network was 10-gigabit Ethernet..."

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