Swisscom Prepares For The Digital Future With Innovative Cisco IP Network
Cisco News, April 27th, 2021
April 27, 2021,
Volume 277, Issue 4

Swisscom has selected Cisco as its preferred supplier for a five-year IP network transformation project

Swisscom and Cisco have signed an agreement that will further strengthen their strategic relationship on critical network infrastructure. Cisco was selected as the preferred supplier to transform Swisscom's IP network architecture over the next five years to enable the internet for the future.

Swisscom's IP network landscape is a crucial element of the service provider's transport network that builds the backbone of data traffic in Switzerland and carries every bit and byte. It ensures connectivity for Switzerland's economy and all digital services used by consumers (e.g., internet, television, and voice services).

With capacity requirements increasing by 25% each year, it is crucial that Swisscom's transport network expands at the same rate and can provide the base infrastructure for the gradual digitalization of Switzerland.

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