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Did Linux Kill Commercial Unix?
How-To Geek, October 10th, 2019
Sales of commercial Unix have fallen off a cliff. There has to be something behind this dramatic decline

"Has Linux killed its ancestor by becoming a perfectly viable replacement, like an operating system version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers?" asks Dave McKay in How-To Geek.

The Beginning of Unix

"The initial release of Unix occurred fifty years ago in 1969, at Bell Labs, a research and development company owned by AT&T. Happy birthday, Unix. Actually, at that time it was still called Unics, standing for UNIplexed Information and Computing Service. Apparently, no one can recall when the 'cs' became an 'x.' It was written on a DEC PDP/7 computer, in DEC assembly language..."

7 Steps To Securing Your Linux Server, October 7th, 2019
This primer will introduce you to basic Linux server security. While it focuses on Debian/Ubuntu, you can apply everything presented here to other Linux distributions

Patrick H. Mullins writes in

  • Update your server
  • Create a new privileged user account
  • Upload your SSH key
  • Secure SSH
  • Enable a firewall
  • Install Fail2ban
  • Remove unused network-facing services

"This tutorial presents the bare minimum needed to harden a Linux server. Additional security layers can and should be enabled depending on how a server is used..."

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