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Wayback Wednesday: Twice As Nice
ComputerWorld, October 9th, 2019
But how long was this guy able to avoid computers?

"It's the 1990s, and PCs are coming into the workplace, much to the dismay of some workers. This net admin pilot fish at a big manufacturing plant sees it all firsthand because she's been given the extra duty of chief PC troubleshooter.

For example, the manager whose secretary calls fish to complain that his drive mappings aren't working. Fish knows that nothing has changed in the login script, and it looks like the manager's account isn't locked out, so she makes a deskside visit..." - ComputerWorld

A Network? No! It's Just Sharing, Over Wires
ComputerWorld, October 11th, 2019
You can fool some of the technophobes some of the time ...

"It's the '90s, and pilot fish is doing some work for a small law firm where the senior partner considers that newfangled internet to be nothing but trouble. And that is the root of the firm's problem with printing, which is very slow.

The firm has a couple of large laser printers, and the IT consultant who preceded fish in this gig had rigged things with parallel port switches and extenders so that everyone could get to them..." - ComputerWorld

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