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Cisco News
Building A Secure And Scalable Multi-Cloud Environment With Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense On Alkira Cloud
In today's security climate, NetOps and SecOps teams are witnessing increased attack surface area as applications and workloads move far beyond the boundaries of their data center.
These applications/workloads move to, and reside in multi-cloud architecture, adding complexity to connectivity, visibility, and control. In the multi-cloud world, the SecOps teams use a distributed security model that is expensive, difficult to deploy, and complex to manage.

Cisco has partnered with Alkira to help secure your multi-cloud environment. Combining Alkira's simplified cloud connection through their cloud network-as-a-service platform (SaaS-like model) with Cisco's industry-leading security controls, we can deliver a centralized security model for multi-cloud architecture that is easy to deploy, manage, and increases visibility and control.

Cisco News, February 2nd, 2023
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Cisco Advances The Hybrid Work Experience With Audio And Interoperability Innovations
New innovations help organizations achieve a seamless hybrid work experience, including an industry-first partnership with Microsoft that runs Microsoft Teams natively on Cisco collaboration devices expected for certification in March 2023. The new Cisco Table Microphone Pro introduces spatial audio and sophisticated noise cancellation to enable remarkably distraction-free, elevated sound in hybrid meetings
At Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2023, Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) showcased its new range of collaboration devices for Microsoft Teams and unveiled the new Cisco Table Microphone Pro, a digital and multi-directional table microphone for hybrid workspaces, along with audio interoperability advancements. The innovations meet the needs of hybrid workers, delivering more inclusivity and choice for meetings, while improving the manageability, configuration, and security required by IT.
Cisco News, January 31st, 2023
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Cisco Catalyst 9000 Core Switches: Don't Let Your Core Stop Turning
There have been a lot of talks recently about the article entitled 'Multidecadal variation of the Earth's inner-core rotation'. The title itself does not set off alarm bells until you understand that the study suggests the earth's core is no longer turning.
In this world of hybrid work, where video collaboration is the norm and more and more traffic is going from the user through the core to cloud services and back, the core of your network is now acting as the critical conduit for nearly all the traffic. Clearly, core switches are now even more essential to enabling the seamless communication, data exchange, and app experience that has become fundamental to the new work experience.
Cisco News, February 2nd, 2023
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Clarity And Transparency: How To Build Trust For Zero Trust
Be impeccable with your words. It's the first of the Four Agreements - a set of universal life principles outlined in the bestselling book by Don Miguel Ruiz. 'Being impeccable with your words' is my favorite, and it's no surprise. As a product marketer, I spend most of my daily existence casting about for the perfect word to use in web copy, a webinar, or video script.
Words can connect us, as well as divide us. In helping to develop the message that Cisco takes to the market about zero trust, I try to be as impeccable as I can with each word. After all, cybersecurity is too important to be cavalier about what is possible - within a particular use case, product, or service.

Clarifying what zero trust means to you comes first. The zero trust principles reflect another of the four agreements: 'Don't make assumptions'. Don't assume that a user or device is trusted based on their presence on the network, their type of device, or any other aspect of the connection request. Instead, verify it.

Cisco News, February 2nd, 2023
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De-Carbing The Data Center
Reducing carbon emissions in the data center, or 'decarbing the data center' as our partner Hitachi Vantara says, is an urgent challenge. Why the urgency now? Frankly, the stakes are higher than ever.
Take California for example. The state swung wildly from mega-drought not seen in 1,200 years, to a 100-year flood at the start of the year (Source: New York Times). Inaction is not an option and climate change underscores why we need to address it head-on with a sense of urgency.

Partnering for Change

However, what I am excited about the most is that by partnering together, we can create an ecosystem to make meaningful impact together.

Cisco News, February 3rd, 2023
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IT News - CxO
6 Tips For Making The Most Of A Tight IT Budget
Top technology decision makers from across the globe share their budgeting strategies for driving business value even when finances are tight.
IT leaders seeking to drive enterprise growth through technology investments are often saddled with budgets that make their tasks of increasing the top and bottom lines challenging. The year 2023 seems to be no different.

Despite an estimated increase to IT budgets of 5.1% on average for 2023, research firm Gartner points to a projected 6.5% global inflation rate, an ongoing talent squeeze, and persistent supply issues as a triple threat to CIOs' ability to realize time to value for their tech investments this year, according to its 2023 Gartner CIO and Technology Executive Survey, which gathered data from 2,203 CIOs in 81 countries and all major industries.

CIO, January 26th, 2023
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7 CIO Resolutions For A Successful 2023
This is a time to focus on professional self-improvement.
At the beginning of every year, many of us (try to) commit to making positive changes. And because work is such a huge part of our lives, that often includes setting professional development goals.

'This is why our analysts have nailed down the seven ideas below specifically for CIOs,' says Senior Director Analyst, Brandon Germer. 'We recommend you select and commit to two to four of these resolutions, collaborate with a mentor to explore and adjust them, and dedicate time to true habit-building.'

Gartner, January 25th, 2023
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Giant Eagle CIO Kirk Ball On What's Fresh In The Digital Grocery Experience
Kirk Ball, EVP and CIO of grocery chain Giant Eagle, sat with CIO Leadership Live host Maryfran Johnson and discussed optimizing a superior customer experience, how digital retail innovations are evolving, the global search for talent, and the benefits of C-suite support.
Based in Pittsburgh and privately owned, grocery chain Giant Eagle, with 34,000 employees across 570 locations, raced to deliver new digital experiences and buying capabilities for their customers during those intensely challenging early months of the pandemic. And it's during that time when Ball joined, in June 2020.
CIO, January 25th, 2023
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Top 4 IT Pain Points For 2023 - And How To Tackle Them
IT leaders will continue to grapple with some familiar challenges in 2023. These recommendations offer a path toward progress.
The New Year. An opportunity for reflection- I wish I had modernized more IT systems-and resolution-I will endeavor to eliminate all technical debt.

What hasn't changed is that IT leaders will continue to struggle with the same pain points and concerns as they shepherd digital transformations that make their businesses more resilient while elevating experience for customers and employees alike.

Indeed, although 85% of CEOs ramped up digital initiatives, most still can't explain how their overall strategy and technology investments ladder up to deliver business outcomes, according to Deloitte Insights research.

Forbes, January 26th, 2023
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Examining The CIO Time Management Dilemma
CIOs face a complex juggling act between operational responsibilities and strategic opportunities. So keeping the lights on and finding time for big-picture thinking requires a perspective that parallels how the role is expanding.
CIOs are expected to successfully split their time between duties that can greatly vary day to day. Federal Reserve System CIO Ghada Ijam, for instance, says on a good day, 60% of her time is spent on strategic planning and the rest keeping the business running.

As every CIO knows, though, days can be unpredictable, and it's all hands on deck when unexpected events and crises occur. 'There are days where we have incidents and all of my time goes into just keeping the business running,' says Ijam. 'That's the foundation of the job that nobody talks about.'

CIO, January 25th, 2023
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IT Leadership: 10 Essential Skills For Digital Transformation Success
Successful digital transformation requires strong leadership. Check out these key skills to grow a productive, innovative IT team in 2023
Do you want your organization to embrace digital transformation in 2023? Optimize the use of tech stacks? Create automated workflows that enhance both employee and customer experiences?

You must have buy-in from your teams.

Whether you are looking to grow your team in the months ahead or realign your executive leadership to move digital transformation forward, here are ten critical skills you need to cultivate to lead a strong team of tech innovators.

The Enterprisers Project, January 23rd, 2023
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The Impossible Manual Task For Outdated Contact Centers
Cloud and Conversational AI increase the complexity of IVRs. Using AI to test is the way forward.
The cloud, combined with conversational artificial intelligence (AI), is dramatically expanding the capabilities of the modern-day contact center. These solutions are the twin pillars of contact center success, allowing them to serve more customers faster and more effectively.

The two technologies go hand in hand for creating the flexible, flawless customer experience (CX) that companies everywhere are striving for. The market for cloud contact center solutions is expected to reach $11.74 billion by 2028, and 80% of those companies that migrate to the cloud plan to use AI and machine learning technologies to further improve customer experience in the cloud.

CIO, January 23rd, 2023
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How CIOs Can Drive Identity-Based Security Awareness
One of CIOs' most persistent challenges is motivating employees to be more consistent in securing their own devices and the company's laptops, phones and tablets.
With passwords increasingly proving inadequate in protecting enterprise accounts and resources, CIOs are fast-tracking single sign-on (SSO), multifactor authentication (MFA), adaptive access and passwordless authentication to secure accounts and networks. They are finding that innovation more effectively sells security awareness than simply requiring compliance.
VentureBeat, January 26th, 2023
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How IT Can Deliver Better Business Outcomes
By delivering significant business outcomes, including sizable cost savings and ROI, IT teams can change the common perception that IT is a cost center rather than a strategic partner.
Cloud services, software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, and on-premises infrastructures connected by wired and wireless networks now represent the backbone of modern enterprises. To fully harness the benefits of modern network architectures, network operations teams need a deep understanding of how these systems perform. This visibility is essential if teams are to avoid the downtime that results in lost revenues.
CIO, January 25th, 2023
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IT News - Storage
43% Of Data To Be Stored In Public Cloud By 2024, On Average
84% of enterprises expect to increase public cloud storage budget and amount of data stored in the public cloud in next 12 months.
Enterprises WW budget increasing for growing storage needs, as public cloud storage capacity continues to grow at a relentless pace
  • 43% of global data to be stored in public cloud by 2024, on average
  • 84% of enterprises expect to increase public cloud storage budget and the amount of data stored in the public cloud in the next 12 months
  • 89% of organizations migrated data from on-premises storage to public cloud in the last year
  • 70% of enterprises' global storage capacity is stored in public and/or dedicated cloud environments today, and average capacity reaching 12.7PB, with North America leading at 13.6PB

Enterprises are going all-in on cloud storage, with average stored capacity in the public cloud expected to reach 43% of their total storage footprint by 2024, January 25th, 2023
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Early Observations From DCIG High-End Storage Array Research
DCIG recently refreshed its high-end storage array research and will publish the 2023-24 DCIG TOP 5 High-End Storage Arrays report in February.
This article shares some changes in high-end storage that have emerged since the publication of the 2020-21 DCIG TOP 5 High End Storage Arrays report.

These advances include new capabilities or enhancements around:

  • Cyber resilience
  • Advances in using analytics (AIOps)
  • Cloud integration
  • Provision of object storage
  • Storage as a Service (STaaS)
  • Sustainability enhancements and reporting


Every enterprise storage vendor is addressing enterprise concerns around data security and cyber resilience especially the threat of ransomware.

GCIG, January 26th, 2023
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Explainer: What Is SSD Trimming?
Have you ever noticed when you go into Windows to optimize your storage drives, it says retrim for SSDs? Just what exactly is getting trimmed and why is it needed? Is it the same as defragmenting or something entirely different? (it is different).
Such good questions all deserve thorough answers, so in this article we'll cover all of that.

What is SSD trimming?

SSD trimming is a process that helps to maintain the performance of a solid-state drive over time. Trim works by periodically erasing blocks of data that are no longer in use. The trimmed data isn't always removed straight away, as a complex process decides exactly when this takes place. But when it does, not only does it free up space on the drive, it helps the SSD perform better and last longer, too.

Techspot, January 24th, 2023
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HDD Market Anticipated to Grow at 11.2% CAGR from 2022 to 2029
The HDD market is reaching a valuation of $ 38,489.9 million in 2022 to $ 80,873.0 million by 2029 and is expected to exhibit an 11.2% CAGR over the forecast period, 2022-2029. With multiplying data volumes encouraging enterprises to procure upgraded storage technologies, the HDD market is set for steady growth during the next decade,
HDD manufacturers launch upgraded HDD capacity formats at intervals of every 2 to 3 years. This would be a continuing trend in the global HDD market over the forecast period (2022-2029).

As storage capacities of HDDs continue to increase, manufacturers such as Toshiba are frequently rolling out HDD technology upgrades. Consequently, magnetic storage remains highly preferred option for long-term high-capacity backup and archiving, which would further push HDD drive sales., January 27th, 2023
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Comparing SSD vs HDD Speed: Which Is Faster?
Solid-state drives (SSDs) have become a popular storage choice for enterprises because of their high speeds compared to hard disk drives (HDDs).
A SATA-interface SSD is often double the read/write speed of a SATA HDD, and some NVMe SSDs have 10 times the read and write rates of HDDs.

But hard drives are still part of the market: although hard drive shipments are decreasing overall, according to Horizon Technology, major hard drive manufacturers are still producing drives designed for enterprise storage use cases. And even though SSD prices continue to decrease overall, hard drives are still cheaper and offer cost-saving benefits to some enterprises. This piece analyzes the differences between SSDs and HDDs and which storage use cases they're most suited to, including rapid data processing and archive storage.

Enterprise Storage Forum, January 26th, 2023
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IT News - AI
Promising Success: 5 AI Trends For Business Owners And CEOs
AI has phenomenally conquered our lives, our platforms, and our businesses, and leaders, and business owners are enthusiastically cheering for this humongous technological revolution.
Today, business owners and CEOs across industries are gleefully celebrating and embracing AI and its tools to boost efficiency, cut operational costs, improve revenue, and strengthen customer engagement experience.

According to a study by Fortune Business Insights, the artificial intelligence market is projected to make up to $ 267 billion on a global level.

AiTHORITY, January 23rd, 2023
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US NIST publishes AI Risk Management Framework 1.0
The U.S. took a big step in the development of a national artificial intelligence strategy with the release of the U.S. Department of Commerce National Institute of Standards and Technology's Artificial Intelligence Risk Management Framework 1.0, Jan. 26.
Required under the National AI Act of 2020, the framework is the product of 15 months of work by NIST scientists who compiled public comments from more than 240 AI stakeholders through multiple listening sessions and workshops, while producing two previous drafts of the document last year. The framework is voluntary but will help organizations deploying AI systems to enhance their trustworthiness and reduce biases, while protecting individuals' privacy.
iapp, January 27th, 2023
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IT News - Humor
User Was Told Three Times 'Do Not Reboot This PC' - Then Unplugged IT Anyway
Even with instructions staring them in the face, this genius couldn't get it right
In last week's edition of On Call, The Register's weekly column dedicated to readers' days being damaged by demands to deflect needless disaster, we wondered if the inevitabilities of death and taxes should be joined by meaningless managerial interventions. This week, we have a new candidate to join lists of iconic inevitabilities: users ignoring instructions and then complaining when their own actions create complications.

Let's explore this idea with the help of a reader we'll Regomize as "Ivan," who once looked after the IT fleet at a large energy company.

The Register, January 27th, 2023
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IT News - Security
3 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2023 [Backed By Data]
Bots have gained massive popularity in the media as Elon Musk made it his personal mission to get rid of Twitter bots, bots were accused of buying out Taylor Swift tickets, and used to illegally steal and sell pharmacy prescriptions.
In 2023, we predict bots will continue to drive headlines, revealing innovative ways to commit fraud, influence public opinion, and shape the economy.

Prediction 1:

Online organizations will experience a record number of bots performing account takeover (ATO) and fake account generation for creative fraud schemes

kasada, January 25th, 2023
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Why Your Organization Needs Rule-Based Access Control
Widely used role-based security offers strong network protection. Lesser-known rule-based access control can provide even more resiliency.
Role-based access control allows network managers to personalize a user's access level based on the individual's role within the organization. Rule-based systems, on the other hand, grant access to individuals complying with a specific set of conditions. By establishing a pre-defined rule-based access control setting, an administrator might, for example, grant a person or team access to a specific network resource only during regular business day hours.

Rule-based access control, frequently abbreviated as RuBAC, is often described as an attribute-based control, since end users are given a specific level of system access based on pre-determined criteria, regardless of their role or position within the organization, explains Joe Dowling, Dell Technologies' vice president of cybersecurity, identity, and access management.

InformationWeek, January 25th, 2023
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NIST Publishes Cybersecurity Framework 2.0 Concept Paper
NIST has been developing an update to its widely used Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), to keep it in-line with the evolving cyber security landscape.
As part of this work, NIST has published the Cybersecurity Framework 2.0 Concept Paper, which outlines the most significant potential changes in the new CSF.

NIST has published the Concept Paper to gain additional input before issuing a draft CSF 2.0 this Summer and is asking for feedback by March 3, 2023

Continuity Central, January 23rd, 2023
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Massive Tech Layoffs Continue To Increase Insider Risks For Enterprises
The looming recession is driving big tech companies to reduce their workforce in 2023, with Microsoft being the latest to announce significant layoffs. Salesforce, Amazon, and Alphabet have also reduced headcount in recent weeks after engaging in massive hiring sprees over the past two years.
According to, there were 154,000 layoffs from more than 1,000 tech companies last year. This shift in the hiring market can be incredibly nerve-wracking for employees, especially if they have been directly impacted by layoffs previously. It also presents significant cybersecurity risks to enterprises that aren't placing enough focus on insider threats. A recent analysis of the DTEX i3 team's real-life investigations revealed that employee termination was a major threat contributing to corporate system sabotage by malicious insiders.
DTEX Systems, January 23rd, 2023
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Best Ways To Make Sure Remote Workers Protect Your Company's IT Resources
Researchers at Washington State University recently examined and compared two approaches for motivating security compliance behaviors among remote workers.
Fear of what could go wrong is perhaps the greatest motivator when it comes to getting remote workers to protect their employer's assets, according to their recent study.

Employees need to feel that it is a big deal if a breech happens. So, the number one thing employers can do is clearly communicate what the threats are and how serious they could be, according to the researchers. Typically, the employee's job is to make something or sell something, not to make good security choices, even if it is critical for their organization.

Architecture&Governance, January 25th, 2023
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What Are The Five Elements Of The NIST Cybersecurity Framework?
A cybersecurity framework is a group of documents outlining guidelines, security-related standards, and best practices to help organizations manage and protect their assets from cybersecurity threats.
Any InfoSec framework aims to prepare organizations and minimize the potential risk of vulnerabilities by identifying and remediating them.

Example cybersecurity frameworks include the NIST cybersecurity framework, the ISO 27001 framework, the Cybersecurity maturity model (CMMC) developed by the US Department of Defense (DoD), as well as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Legit Security has aggregated many of these frameworks together into best-practices that can reduce software supply chain risk dramatically.

Legit Secuity, January 23rd, 2023
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Top 10 Types Of Information Security Threats For IT Teams
Common security threats range from insider threats to advanced persistent threats, and they can bring an organization to its knees unless its in-house security team is aware of them and ready to respond.
Although the terms security threat, security event and security incident are related, in the world of cybersecurity these information security threats have different meanings.

A security threat is a malicious act that aims to corrupt or steal data or disrupt an organization's systems or the entire organization. A security event refers to an occurrence during which company data or its network may have been exposed. And an event that results in a data or network breach is called a security incident.

SearchSecurity, January 25th, 2023
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IT News - CRM
5 CRMs That Seamlessly Integrate With Google Workspace
When the pandemic occurred, throwing everything out of gear, most businesses were grappling with some basic concerns - how to switch to an online mode of work? How to get work done? How to quantify productivity?
In 2021, Google Workspace emerged as the knight in shining armor for countless small as well as large-scale organizations, which had to suddenly move their business online to keep them up and running. Google iterated that were roughly 3 billion professionals who rely on Google Workspace for their digital business needs.
AiTHORITY, January 23rd, 2023
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IT News - FOSS
3 Predictions For Open Source In Confidential Computing
Confidential computing is becoming more widely known by security and developer communities. Look out for these key trends in 2023.
It's a new year, which means it's time to predict what the next year will bring regarding future tech trends. After guessing the World Cup champion, I feel confident sharing my personal perspective on the confidential computing market in the near future., January 23rd, 2023
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IT News - DR
Disaster Recovery Blunder Broke New York Stock Exchange This Week
On Tuesday, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) failed to open properly, disrupting and invalidating auction trading for more than 250 securities.
The NYSE in a statement on Wednesday said that "a technical issue" prevented the opening auction process by which stocks get priced through the reconciliation of orders since the previous day's market close.

"The root cause was determined to be a manual error involving the exchange's disaster recovery configuration at system start of day," the NYSE said.

The Register, January 26th, 2023
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RTO vs RPO: Definitions, Examples & Difference Explained
Recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) help enterprises measure the allowable time for critical software to be down and backup intervals.
They're useful tools in disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity procedures, and they're indispensable for organizations that need to closely track backup requirements.

These objectives are similar but measure different things:

  • Recovery time objective (RTO) measures the duration of time an application can be down without considerably damaging business operations.
  • Recovery point objective (RPO) measures the amount of data that can be lost without considerably damaging business operations or finances.

RTO and RPO assist businesses with backup and recovery management as they prioritize their data and applications to serve customers and maintain stable IT systems.

Enterprise Storage Forum, January 26th, 2023
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An Expert Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist Template For 2023
Solutions Review's Expert Insights Series is a collection of contributed articles written by industry experts in enterprise software categories. In this feature, Barracuda's SVP of Data Protection Tim Jefferson offers a disaster recovery plan checklist as an essential resource to consider this year.
The impact of data loss or corruption from hardware failure, human error, hacking or malware can devastate the day-to-day operations of businesses. That's why it is imperative to have a plan for data backup and restoration of digital information. In a worst case scenario - and a best case scenario for that matter - organizations can rely on their backed up data and disaster recovery solution to get back to business as usual, with minimal losses. However, many organizations don't understand the most critical components of a disaster recovery plan, nor do they know how to create one for themselves.

A successful solution simplifies business continuity and disaster recovery operations by providing customers with flexible options for data replication and data recovery, reducing costs and the risk for data loss.

Solutions Review, January 24th, 2023
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IT News - Careers
Tech Jobs Dominate The Top 25 'Best' Jobs In The US, Indeed Says
Online job site's latest report on the 25 best jobs in the US found that almost half of them are in tech - and layoffs by tech firms are doing little to offset a continuing dearth of tech talent.
Online job site Indeed this week released its list of the 25 best jobs in the US, and the top slot went to full stack developer, which offers a median annual salary of $130,000 and allows for a mostly remote or hybrid workplace.

In fact, eight tech jobs were among the top 10 positions on this year's list, compared to just two tech jobs in the top 10 on last year's list. In 2022, tech jobs were moving down the top jobs list; now, a year later, tech jobs are surging upward.

Computerworld, January 26th, 2023
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IT News - Email
Top 6 Email Security Technologies For The Enterprise
Email security refers to the measures taken to protect email communications from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification or destruction.
It is important because email is a commonly used method of communication and is often used to transmit sensitive information such as personal data, financial information and confidential business information.

Without proper security measures, this information could fall into the wrong hands, leading to financial loss or reputational damage. Additionally, email can also be used to spread malware or as a vector for phishing attacks, which can further compromise security. Therefore, implementing email security measures can help prevent these types of threats and protect individuals and organizations from harm, and should be a priority in any company's information security strategy.

Security Boulevard, January 23rd, 2023
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Using M365? Use DMARC To Protect Your Organizational Identity
Did you know that there are entities likely spoofing your business identity without your knowledge?
These are messages that are being sent out 'pretending' to be from your company when they didn't originate from within your organization. How can a company begin to understand what is being sent out to look like them? Even more concerning is if the message reaches one of your customers and contains malware, viruses, or is a phishing attempt? Is there a way to see what's being sent around the internet without your knowledge and more importantly is there way to stop it or any spoofing email that could be happening? Using M365? DMARC records can help.
24x7 IT Connection, January 23rd, 2023
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IT News - Developer
What Are The Risks Of Continuous Deployment?
Continuous deployment (CD) is a software development practice where code changes are automatically built, tested, and deployed to production without human intervention.
This allows for faster and more frequent releases, and helps to reduce the risk of errors and bugs in the production environment. It is often used in conjunction with Continuous integration (CI), which is the practice of automatically building and testing code changes as they are made.
TechZone360, January 25th, 2023
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Vaadin 2023 Predictions: Continued Growth Of Java Will Create New Opportunities
Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2023. Read them in this 15th annual series exclusive.
According to the State of the Developer Nation survey by SlashData, Java is experiencing significant growth and is expected to continue to do so, with 49% of all active developers worldwide currently using it. Despite economic challenges, the continued increase in Java usage is expected to create numerous opportunities for developers in 2023 to contribute to positive business outcomes., January 25th, 2023
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8 Programming Languages We Love To Hate - But Can't Live Without
Tools masquerading as languages, maddening syntax, dusty old code that just won't die-here's what has us shaking our fists.
The advice to not carry a grudge may be well-meaning, but it certainly didn't come from anyone who's wrestled with a computer for a living. Toil for any amount of time with the infernal logic of a programming language and you'll know the horrors of the inky void where the worst bugs dwell.

Fans love to tout the advantages of their favorite programming languages and sing of the intuitive magic they'll bring to your coding fingers. Nearly every programming language was created by someone with a grand plan for simplifying their programming chores, and the creators usually succeed-at least in that narrow sense. The problem is that there are often secondary or tertiary effects that aren't as wonderful.

InfoWorld, January 23rd, 2023
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