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Cisco News
Cisco Completes Acquisition of Luxtera
Cisco, February 7th, 2019
Cisco announced it has completed the acquisition of privately-held Luxtera, Inc, a semiconductor company that uses silicon photonics to build integrated optics capabilities for webscale and enterprise data centers, service provider market segments, and other customers. Cisco plans to incorporate Luxtera's technology across its intent-based networking portfolio, spanning enterprise, data center and service provider markets.

Cisco paid $660 million in cash and assumed equity awards for the acquisition of Luxtera.

Cisco Calls for Privacy to be Considered a Fundamental Human Right
Cisco, February 7th, 2019
"Cisco issued a call to governments and citizens around the world to establish privacy as a fundamental human right in the digital economy. Today, connectivity and technology have become the foundation for peoples' economic, social, and cultural opportunities. With IoT, 5G, and AI promising to soon reshape how we interact with technology, Cisco is urging governments to adopt comprehensive and interoperable data protection laws to secure that right.

To start, Cisco is calling on the U.S. government to develop a US federal privacy law that assures customers their data is protected. The American system should not just look to solve for today's privacy discussions around monetization of customer data; it should aim to solve for the complex privacy needs of a world where tens of billions of devices are connected to the internet..."

IT News - CxO
6 Hot IT Leadership Trends - And 6 Going Cold
CIO, January 28th, 2019
"As the CIO role becomes increasingly strategic, risk aversion and a results-oriented mindset take a backseat to increasingly influence and driving organizational change," opines Paul Heltzel in CIO.

"IT leadership is changing nearly as rapidly as technology itself. Successful tech executives are shifting toward initiating strategic change rather than acting as trusted operators, as the CIO role sees greater emphasis on leadership skills related to digital transformation over keeping the lights on..."

CIO, IT Roles Poised For A Revolution
InformationWeek, January 30th, 2019
Jessica Davis writes in InformationWeek, "CIOs and IT organizations will take a more central role in all of business in a few years. Here's what you can expect.

Will your CIO still have the same job in 3 years? Will you? According to a new report, only one in five of today's CIOs will be prepared for the changes essential to business survival in the years ahead..."

Lessons From Some Of The World's Largest Data Breaches, And The Way Forward
ITProPortal, January 30th, 2019
"Let's look at attacks at five different organisations: SingHealth, Google, SunTrust Bank, Cosmos Bank, and JPMorgan Chase," suggests Ram Vaidyanathan in ITProPortal.

"'What I did 50 years ago is 4,000 times easier to do today because of technology,' says Frank Abagnale, 70-year-old FBI security consultant and former con man. His exploits as a check forger and impostor in the 1960s were showcased in the 2002 film Catch Me If You Can.

Back then, it took a lot of preparation to complete a mission-based, malicious, and catastrophic attack. Today, while we may be better equipped to defend against attacks such as Abagnale's that were far ahead of their time, we're now worse off because of the number of vulnerable points a cybercriminal can exploit..."

Key Trends For IT Planning And Spending
ITProPortal, January 28th, 2019
"Based on our almost 40 years' experience providing IT services to solutions and public sector organisations, these are our predictions for major IT trends in 2019 and beyond," reports Paul Timms in ITProPortal.

"As we move into a new year, many IT professionals will be reviewing what's working well, and what might be the next big thing in IT, in order to best plan and roll out the IT their organisation needs. There are a number of considerations when it comes to the key future trends for business IT, including the ever-changing world of technology trends, fast moving business needs and new budgetary requirements and options..."

7 Keys To An Effective IT Automation Strategy
CIO, January 29th, 2019
Mary K. Pratt writes in CIO, "Here's how organizations are optimizing their use of automation technologies, moving from simple process improvement to true process transformation...

When CIO Jason James decided to automate his company's software deployment process, he tasked his DevOps team with learning everything it could about the process itself..."

IT News - Storage
7 Misconceptions About The NVMe Protocol And NVMe Technology
SearchStorage, January 30th, 2019
John Edwards writes in SearchStorage, "See what you need to know to avoid some of the common misperceptions about NVMe technology and making possibly expensive mistakes with your organization's NVMe architecture...

NVMe hasn't been around long, so it's not surprising there's confusion about it. At this point, even storage veterans have relatively little real-world experience with NVMe.

To set the record straight and possibly prevent you from making an embarrassing and costly mistake, here's a look at the real story behind seven widespread misconceptions about the NVMe protocol and NVMe technology..."

Price Comparison Between HDDs And SSDs, January 29th, 2019
"You can often read that SSDs are 10X more expensive than HDDs but it's not true anymore for recent flash drives - but for 3TB and more -, as, following the decrease and higher densities of flash chips, the prices of SSDs are decreasing sharply. Below 3TB its between 1.2X and 2.7X only in favor of HDDs. And some experts project that flash chips will be divided by two this year to better compete with magnetic units..."

Top Storage Companies In 2018, January 31st, 2019
Jean Jacques Maleval writes in, "Our ranking is based on official figures of companies publishing their number on storage only for their fiscal year ended one of the month of calendar year 2018 and surpassing $1.5 billion in revenue.

Micron, in flash and RAM, with huge growth in 2017 (+64%) and 2018 (50%), is biggest storage company in the word for second consecutive year after being number two for three years.

WD continues to be number two, thanks to its acquisition of SanDisk.

EMC announced storage revenue of $16,301 million and Dell 1,437 million in 2015. But Dell, after its acquisition of EMC, is at $15,254 million in 2018 and number three..."

Disk Drives Suck Less Than They Did A Couple Of Years Ago. Which Is Nice
The Register, January 28th, 2019
Chris Mellor writes in The Register, "Just 139 out of 10,000 12TB Seagate drives fail a year, and Western Digital's HGST brand has an even better rate of 51 in 10,000, according to cloud backup service provider Backblaze, which has 104,778 drives spinning in its data centre.

It's not an exhaustive study; the firm listed just four brands in its estate, with models ranging from older ones with 3TB of capacity to newer 12TB drives and some 14TB drives from Toshiba. However, it does provide some data points for the curious..."

IT News - AI
5 Ways Leading CIOs Are Deploying AI In 2019
CIO, January 31st, 2019
Chris Davis writes in CIO, "While many companies continue to explore AI business cases, seek executive support and mature their foundational IT and data capabilities, a growing number of enterprises - including Walmart, Western Digital, Bank of America, 7-Eleven and Pearson - are deploying the technology at scale..."

AI Bias: 9 Questions Leaders Should Ask
The Enterprisers Project, January 29th, 2019
"Artificial intelligence bias can create problems ranging from bad business decisions to injustice. Use these questions to fight off potential biases in your AI systems," suggests Kevin Casey in The Enterprisers Project.

"As the use of artificial intelligence applications - and machine learning - grows within businesses, government, educational institutions, and other organizations, so does the likelihood of bias.

Researchers have studied and found significant racial bias in facial recognition technology, for example, and in particular in the underlying algorithms. That alone is a massive problem..."

Nexenta News
Nexenta Deepens its Partnership with Veeam via Software-Defined Storage (SDS)
Nexenta, February 5th, 2019
Nexenta Extending Support from Enterprise to Cloud-Native Apps via both Scale-Up and Scale-Out SDS

Nexeta announced NexentaEdge, Nexenta's Scale-Out S3-based SDS solution for Cloud Native Applications, fully supports Veeam Cloud Tier, part of Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4. Nexenta previously achieved Veeam Ready Repository status for NexentaStor, Full-featured SDS for Enterprise Applications. By offering additional support for this new Veeam Backup & Replication capability, customers can confidently leverage Nexenta storage for backups both on-premises and in the cloud.

"Many enterprises across the globe - even smaller hubs and remote branch offices - are looking to cloud architectures to lower backup and disaster recovery (DR) costs," said Ken Ringdahl, Vice President of Global Alliance Architecture at Veeam Software. "Our ability to work with alliance partners, like Nexenta, through Veeam Cloud Tier enables our customers and service providers to integrate with broader architectures. In the end, we're able to deliver a simple and effective solution while still ensuring a lower TCO without proprietary hardware platform lock-in..."

IT News - Technology
Best Raspberry Pi Add-Ons And Accessories
zdnet, February 2nd, 2019
"There's not much you can't do with a Raspberry Pi board and a bit of coding. But with a few extra accessories, the sky truly is the limit! (Updated February 2019)...

Take your Raspberry Pi hardware and coding projects to the next level with these awesome -- and mostly reasonably priced -- add-ons and accessories. Everything from making environmental measurements to adding touchscreens and pan-and-tilt functionality is now all within your reach!..."

IT News - Blockchain
5 Blockchain Trends Everyone Should Know About
Forbes, January 28th, 2019
"Blockchain traveled a rocky road in 2018 but is still hotly tipped as a technology with huge potential for transforming business and day-to-day life," notes Forbes.

"The past year saw huge drops in value for its flagship use case - cryptocurrency Bitcoin - and reports that many pilot programs are failing to show true value. However, many big players including IBM and Walmart are continuing to push ahead, confident it can provide real value for organizations in need of innovative solutions around record keeping and secure recording of transactions..."

Blockchain: The Complete Guide
ComputerWorld, January 30th, 2019
"The much-hyped distributed ledger technology (DLT) has the potential to eliminate huge amounts of record-keeping, save money, streamline supply chains and disrupt IT in ways not seen since the internet arrived," writes ComputerWorld.

"Blockchain, which began to emerge as a real-world tech option in 2016 and 2017, is poised to change IT in much the same way open-source software did a quarter century ago. And in the same way Linux took more than a decade to become a cornerstone in modern application development, Blockchain will likely take years to become a lower cost, more efficient way to share information and data between open and private business networks..."

IT News - Humor
It's A Hack!
ComputerWorld, January 30th, 2019
"It's a few years after Y2K, and this pilot fish has overall responsibility for all things related to his company's website.

'Like most corporations, our company had a policy that computers and laptops were to be used only for company business, along with policies governing the appropriate use of the internet in the work environment,' fish says..."

Flashback Friday: That's Unusual?
ComputerWorld, February 1st, 2019
"Sitting at home one evening, sysadmin pilot fish gets a frantic call from the manufacturing plant where he's the only person doing on-site IT support.

The call is from the night supervisor, who tells fish, 'All the computers have stopped working'..."

Judgment Day, January 30th, 2019
"It says here you introduced technology without proper research. your testing was haphazard at best, and your documentation sucked!..."

Throwback Thursday: Anything Better Would Be Too Good
ComputerWorld, January 31st, 2019
"At her most recent performance review, this IT pilot fish gets a rating of 3 of a possible 5 -- "fully satisfactory."

"Not bad," says fish, "but I believe in continuous improvement, so I'm looking for input from my boss."

Fish's projects are on time and on budget..."

IT News - Security
Best Antivirus Software: 11 Top Tools
CSO Online, January 31st, 2019
Maria Korolov writes in CSO Online, "These top-ranking Windows 10 client antivirus products were tested on three primary criteria: protection, performance, and usability.

The AV-TEST Institute recently tested the most popular Windows 10 client antivirus products on three primary criteria: protection, performance, and usability. Only five of the 16 products tested earned a perfect rating of 6 for each of those criteria: Kaspersky Lab Endpoint Security 11, Kaspersky Small Office Security 6, Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.2 and Endpoint Protection Cloud 22.15, and Trend Micro Office Scan 12. The top 11 antivirus offerings shown here in alphabetical order scored at least 17 points out of a possible 18...."

8 Cybersecurity Myths Debunked
Dark Reading, January 31st, 2019
"The last thing any business needs is a swarm of myths and misunderstandings seeding common and frequent errors organizations of all sizes make in safeguarding data and infrastructure," writes Brian Engle in Dark Reading.

"Cybersecurity plays an integral role in the realm of good business models. You'd be hard pressed to come across an enterprise which doesn't have some form of cybersecurity policy as part of its infrastructure. But even cybersecurity programs built with good intentions can fall short. Why?..."

IT News - Server
Top Ten Rack Servers
ServerWatch, January 28th, 2019
Drew Robb writes in ServerWatch, "Businesses shopping for rack servers have fewer vendors to choose from than in years past. Market consolidation and acquisition have left a rack server market dominated by the few.

Dell, HPE, IBM, and Lenovo account for 50% of all server revenue. Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs), which produce commodity white boxes, own another 25%.

Hence the top rack servers in this guide are predominantly from "the big four." However, models have been included from Cisco and Oracle, due to their obvious merits..."

IT News - Backup
Top 8 VMware vSphere Backup Best Practices
SearchDataBackup, February 1st, 2019
Eric Siebert and Paul Crocetti write in SearchDataBackup, "The architecture and operation of a virtual environment is different than a traditional backup environment and demands specific techniques. Learn top tips for backing up vSphere....

When it comes to backing up virtual machines in VMware vSphere, you need to use the strengths of virtualization to maximize your backup and restore efficiency. You also need to know what to back up, as well as how to back it up. In addition, you can't use the same principles that you use in a traditional physical environment to back up a virtual environment..."

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